Since my last blog I have been training and focusing on the end of this Season’s goals and in particular looking forward to (if you can call it that) or rather anticipating the pain of the Winter BallBuster at Box Hill, a gruelling 8 mile run, 27 mile ride and final 8 mile run all up and over the climb of Box Hill in Surrey. This type of race doesn’t give medals to finishers but a rather warm and needy Fleece Hoody to proudly wear after the race and to the gym.

A couple of weeks before the BallBuster I was flying round at work delivering letters in the pouring rain and wind and unusually for me in my big trusty black work boots, not Mizuno Running shoes, when I slipped on some moss on wooden decking and over stretched my right leg, causing a small injury to my Satorius muscle. As a result of that I could train on the bike but running felt uncomfortable.

I was a little concerned that further running may aggravate the injury and although Powerman Denmark and Barcelona 70.3 are in May, I didn’t want to miss a bulk of productive Winter training nor miss a few weeks off work, so after consulting my coach we both agreed it was a wise decision not to take on the Ballbuster, so as apposed to ‘Busting my Balls’, it felt like a ‘Kick in the Nuts’.

October was a great month for celebrating birthday’s and Anniversaries but also a great opportunity to enjoy some Sunday morning football watching Cameron play for his Forest Glade Pumas U’9 team.

They are a great bunch of lads and I missed most of their games last season due to training. I know come January that my training will increase but I will endeavor to get to the matches as much as I can.

As most of you know I’m a Postman most of the time and the Christmas season is now upon us, in fact we’ve been busy at work for the past 4 weeks and working some 70 hours a week !!! Tiring Yes ! But it helps to build the race fund for next year. Although the 4:50am starts and 7pm finishes are okay, the annoying fact that I wake up at 4am on a Sunday means I could go for an early morning run but some days you just need that lay in or ‘Extended Recovery’ as I call it.

November of course brought Black Friday. I saved thousands of pounds this year by not shopping in the sales at all. Although it was Black Friday it was swiftly taken over by Red White and Blue Weekend as I received the great news that I will be in GB Team for the European Long Distance Duathlon Champs in Copenhagen in May 2016.

ETU European Long Distance Duathlon Champs 2016

To say I’m excited is an understatement, I have made a massive leap from where I was after Emelia was born and the past year has seen some remarkable changes in my mental and physical approach to training and goals. As always I thank my family for their unwavering support but there are also a few people who don’t get a mention who have helped and advised me in the last two years who offer their advice and coaching on Monday Tuesday and Thursday evenings voluntarily at our East Essex Tri Club training sessions, so ladies Zena Shean, Jenny Harley, Janice Brown thank you for all that you do for all the club members. We know you enjoy inflicting pain on us. XXX

May next year is no doubt going to be a very big month, Copenhagen will be my ‘A’ race for the year, no doubt about that and Barcelona 70.3 will take a back seat, if I’m race fit I will give it a bash if I recover from Copenhagen. There is the Brentwood Half Marathon on 20th March and British Age Group Duathlon Champs at Windsor on 3rd March will be a good indicator of where I am early in the season.

There is a long long road ahead to Copenhagen and once the silly Christmas workload is over I am looking forward to knuckling down and being in tip top condition and ensuring I do myself and my Country proud. This does also provide what all atheltes enjoy and that is a neccisity to buy some new kit.

As always I would like to thank Bianca at Fit Your Bike and look forward to using her expertise soon to set me up for Copenhagen. Also thanks to the Team at Run Active  Run for keeping me supplied with race and training shoes, look forward to seeing you again instore soon. Finally thanks to Kieran and Louise at and Kieran in particular for making a grown man wince in pain but generally keeping me in condition.


With the  Winter months come the inevitable coughs and colds cross country races, cold dark wet winter training runs and general doom and gloom of Winter until the spring sunshine start to lift our spirits and warmer weather, but do you know what it’s actually a good time of year to put down some mileage in the shoes and hit the Wattbike and enjoy the focus of what lies further down the road and the opportunities ahead. At least i have a pair of winter training shoes ready !!



I’m looking forward to the remaining 5 weeks of this year, a curry night with the lads from the club, family time at home oh and the possibility of Christmas Day Parkrun at Basildon Basildon Parkrun and maybe the Boxing Day Crown to Crown 5k Pitsea RC Boxing Day Crown to Crown 5k but this will be a social affair over the festive break so I won’t be racing.

Like you all I will be hoping for a White Christmas, maybe just a little splash of Red and Blue thrown in too, of course the odd chilled glass of Erdinger Alkoholfrei would be consumed too.

Cheers everyone ! Here is to 2016.